Handbook of the Navigator

Author: Eric J. Pepin
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2004
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 262
Isbn10 Code: 0975908006
Isbn13 Code: 9780975908006

Review "Amazing! The best material I've read in a long time." --E. Thibault Newbury Park, CA "There is so much in this book, I don't think anyone can realize." --M. Papadeas "It blew my mind! I read it 3 times. Top of the line, the cream of the crop!" --L. Taptich About the Author Eric Pepin is the world s leading trailblazer on the real, experiential process of unfolding the human consciousness and spiritual awakening by accessing Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. More than a mere philosopher, thinker or teacher, Eric Pepin offers ways to reach breakthrough states based on his own personal experience. From his past as a childhood prodigy psychic , to his transformation into a spiritual thinker giving courses to friends on the Earth as a living organism and how to access the Gaia Mind at age 15, Eric has had an unexpected and colorful life, all leading to his one true passion: giving others the tools they need to connect to God. The author of The Handbook of the Navigator and over 80 courses on audio and DVD, this revolutionary renaissance man is known for his unique, untraditional, sometimes controversial approach to awakening. From activating and using the sixth sense as the bridge to dimensional consciousness, to the creation of God, and the state of mind known as the In-Between that allows you to experience reality completely transformed (similar to being on hallucinogenic s, if you had to compare it, but totally natural and without drugs which can damage spiritual growth) and where you can willfully change it. Eric is rapidly becoming a powerful presence not only because he has charted advanced courses where few, if any, have ever gone, but also due to the breadth and depth of his work at such a young age.

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