CRM at the Speed of Light, 3e

Author: Paul Greenberg
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2004
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 384
Isbn10 Code: 0072231734
Isbn13 Code: 9780072264401

From the Back Cover “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that often gets associated with ‘complexity’ and ‘failure.’ Yet, taking care of customers is too critical to be complicated, and too important to fail. Paul Greenberg’s CRM at the Speed of Light not only cuts through industry techno-jargon, but provides the proper perspective on CRM. It’s not about software--it’s about bigger issues surrounding your customers and your business.” --Chris Selland, Vice President, Sell-Side Practice, Aberdeen Group; President, CRM Association “The days of tactical CRM are over. Companies are realizing that their Customer Relationship Management solutions need to be strategic. CRM at the Speed of Light shows how executives are realizing value from increasingly sophisticated CRM solutions that are part of an integrated suite of applications, embedded best practices, and enhanced usability. Anyone who is considering a CRM purchase needs to read this book.” --George Ahn, Group Vice President and General Manager, CRM, PeopleSoft “Paul Greenberg’s latest book features clear thinking about what CRM is--and isn't --and how to make it work as a business strategy to create a profitable exchange of customer value. Most important, he brings a ‘right brained’ approach to CRM which put people front and center, where they should be. Highly recommended.” --Bob Thompson, CEO, CustomerThink Corporation, and Founder, “CRM is essential to businesses today. As big as front offices are and as international as baseball is, if you don’t have a customer strategy, you’re on the losing end. CRM at the Speed of Light, Third Edition is batting 1,000--3 for 3. I’m not surprised. Paul is part of a winning tradition--he’s a Yankees fan!” --Mike Pagliarulo, President, iScout; Former 3rd Baseman, New York Yankees (1984-89) The economy is recovering and the business map is changing dramatically. No longer are your customers so willing to remain your customers unless you provide them with actual value and get to know them personally, or at least know what they want. There are competitive businesses out there that can reach your customers via the Internet, e-mail, phone, fax, or letter. And you can reach your customers in the same ways. But that costs a lot of money to do and, even if you are beginning to see a little light in the tunnel with your revenue stream, you are probably still cautious about spending. How can you utilize those precious dollars or yuan or euros to improve the singular relationship you have with a customer you might not know personally? Which of those communications media are more effective for which customers? What should you be saying to them, finding out from them, and doing for them to provide them with the value that keeps them coming back--or intrigues them so that they join you for the first time? International thought leader and CRM guru Paul Greenberg explains how every business--no matter what the industry--can create a true customer-focused environment. He describes how CRM strategy has evolved in recent years--from being data-driven to being process-driven. Instead of just creating a 360-degree view of customer data, businesses should strive to answer questions like: What kind of business workflow do we need to make sure that customer problems are resolved? With what regulations do we have to comply? What do we do to sell a new product to a customer and how do we handle the order? It is a complex interlinked supply, support, and demand chain that involves not just the products and services offered by the company, but also the suppliers, vendors, partners, and employees. CRM has grown up and customer strategies are no longer just a matter of a business edge, but of both success and survival. The most important question that Greenberg answers is: How do you get the insights into your customers that provide you with the value to delight them and make them want to remain committed to you? Greenberg emphasizes that transforming business culture is perhaps the most vital step in ensuring that a CRM initiative succeeds, and he outlines the necessary steps in the change management process. He describes the major players in each sector of the CRM world along with their current technology offerings. You’ll also discover tips for evaluating Web architecture and enterprise applications as well as get valuable advice on setting up a detailed cost-effective service level agreement. While filled with revealing case studies, technology recommendations, and insights into growing trends, this new edition is marked by Greenberg’s well-known bluntness and humor, making what can be a really dry subject actually quite interesting. This updated edition of the thought-provoking best-seller will help make your vision of CRM work for you. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Greenberg is the President of the 56 Group, LLC, and the author of the previous two best-selling editions of CRM at the Speed of Light, which have been translated into eight languages. The book has been named the number one CRM book by SearchCRM and has been called one of “The 12 Most Important Books an Asian CEO Will Ever Read” by the Asian-Pacific edition of CIO Magazine. Paul has extensive experience in the creation of ERP and CRM business units/practices. He writes a number of national columns including his “Straight Talk on Siebel ”column for Search CRM. Paul speaks and writes on CRM around the world and has made multiple appearances on television and radio. Paul was recently named co-chairman of the Rutgers University CRM Research Center and is a member of the Board of Advisors for Baylor University’s MBA CRM specialty program. He lives in Manassas, Virginia with his wife and two cats. About the Author Paul Greenberg (Manassas, VA) has many years of experience in ERP and CRM. He has built several SAP and PeopleSoft practices, and is on the boards of experts and advisors at DestinationCRM, SearchCRM, and CRMGuru.

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